The job market in the tech industry today is probably the busiest it has been since the .com era in terms of demand for engineers. While the market may be exciting for candidates, it can be challenging for clients with overwhelming vacancies to fill and no takers. With the “Great Resignation” comes the “Great Reshuffling” of talent. Like a war cry, the movement has signaled a need for change, forcing companies to sit up, notice, and respond to shifting tech employee needs.

Keep branding in mind

Nowadays, any digitally savvy individual does their due diligence on a prospective company before pulling the trigger and accepting an offer.

Candidates can quickly access brutally honest reviews about compensation, company culture, and leadership online. Some sites are designed to make this research easy — some even provide a Q&A section allowing users to anonymously post about current or former employers.

Therefore, employer branding remains a priority. The way companies market themselves can determine their success in attracting key talent, especially for smaller tech companies fighting against large, established firms. However, this doesn’t mean making false promises; reputation follows every stage of the employee’s journey. When you imbue trust, employees return the favor with incredible productivity.

Act with a sense of urgency

The best way to make a good impression with engineering candidates is to move quickly, be decisive, and prioritize the candidate’s experience. You may be a hiring manager, but an interview is a two-way street. Although a recruiter can help decipher suitable matches, the company still needs to be able to add value to an engineer’s goals just as much as their skills add to your project.

Mike Jones, the founder of TeamUp, furthers this sentiment by saying,

“Don’t shop unless you are ready to buy. Drawing out the interview and decision-making process will only hurt you in the long run. It’s like buying a house in Austin, you have to know what you want and need, trust the person representing your interests, and then make a decision in a short amount of time. This will help you and your team compete for the best talent. Make your opportunity look good both now and in the future.”

If the candidate seems like a good fit, it’s wise to extend an offer immediately, as they may have multiple offers. Acting decisively shows respect for everyone’s time, which is always appreciated. Good experiences breed loyalty. Loyalty can be the most potent form of advertising at any growth stage.

Offer opportunities

Tech talent is increasingly demanding more money — and getting it.

Keep an open mind when it comes to compensation. It can be uncomfortable but necessary, especially in the current climate of contractors dictating the market. Make a competing offer that not only attracts the engineer but will retain them throughout their contract. Think of it this way: how realistic is it that you will hit your project deadline without the engineer? Nine times out of ten, they will be worth the cost.

These days, however, offering a competitive salary isn’t enough. Sell the candidate on the opportunity that you can give them. What cutting-edge technology are you working on? What other engineers will they be working with? How is your team different? Engineers are interested in working on innovative products that will challenge them and make an impact. Communicate the story of your company and the challenges you plan to tackle. Younger generations of engineers have also been influential in companies revamping outdated policies to resonate with today’s human-centric workplace. Companies can include comprehensive health insurance, unlimited time off, and attractive professional development plans to sweeten the deal and stand out.

Offering space to concentrate is a hidden gem benefit

At first, this may not seem like a “perk,” but engineering requires deep, independent thought to get things done, and they will appreciate being able to focus on their work. Although a human touch is always appreciated, managers might not always understand that each time they pop into an engineer’s office or reach out in chat with a question or request for a status update, it’s distracting them from the valuable work that they were hired to do.

Where TeamUP comes in

Hiring is a stressful process, and we’re here to help. At TeamUP, we pride ourselves on our vetting process to work with the best of the best in the tech industry. This means that we connect with top-quality, experienced professionals that can fill all your staffing needs.  Our database extends into software, hardware, and data engineering, IC design, cloud enablement, and application and software development.

TeamUP also gives its clients the edge with access to off-the-market candidates who aren’t mainstream and are able to pitch curated opportunities with clients we have existing relationships.

Get connected to the engineer that’s right for your team.


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Post by Jamie Vassar
July 28, 2022